About Learnitive

Learnitive Productivity Platform

Learnitive.com is an interactive e-learning platform for students, researchers and academics that not only offers some awesome interactive courses (with code playgrounds) but also facilitates an AI-enabled interactive workspace where the learners can auto-generate executable codes, contents (copyscape-checked) and illustrations based on their learning needs.

Learnitive Products

AI-Writer: Learnitive AI Writer is an advanced AI writing platform for creating both SEO-optimized and academic contents. Learnitive offers two different types of AI writers:  - E-Book Builder with WYSIWYG Editor and multipage; and - Article Writer with Block Editor and built-in citation. Learnitive has 100+ AI prompts that may be further used to tune their output. It also allows learners to search for a key in about 250 million academic papers and Wikipedia, insert references automatically as footnotes and export the output as beautiful PDF files. At Learnitive, learners are able to create unique and engaging content to increase their academic success. The Learnitive AI workspace is available for Free (with limited AI words) to all Learnitive users (learners and teachers). 

Learnitive is the only AI-enabled learning platform that allows you to learn, perform academic research and create and export amazing Copyscape-checked academic content with the most advanced AI writer ever!